Size limit in Zip to mapped drive [RESOLVED]


I have two Windows machines, a server (LIVE) and a backup (BACKUP)

I want to copy all the websites hosted on the LIVE server to the BACKUP server. Total file size is 7.66 Gb

Ideally, I’d like to create an incremental backup of the entire wwwroot folder into a zip file.

I have set up a backup which says it is successful- however, it does not write the zip file to the BACKUP server.

If I set up an otherwise identical backup with a much smaller folder (a single website within the wwwroot folder) it works.

Now: is this because

a) the zip is too big to be created
b) the zip is too big to be copied over a network drive
c) any other reason?

If the case is the first two - as I dont want to have to add a new backup everytime I add a new website, shoudl i be using synchronize instead?

I believe that there is a 2.1GB file limitation due to the compression library used.

I would use synchronise, btu this doesn’t allow for compression. The initial pass of the sync backup is actually a full backup, as there as zero files in the destination. Subsequent sync backups are incremental.

Ewen :slight_smile: