siw.exe by gtopola

siw.exe (Software Information for Windows by gtopola) is being flagged as Heur.suspicious@113746542

Virus Total


Hi Matty_R,

Thanks for reporting. We will check this and get back to you shortly.

Kind Regards,
Erik M.

Had the same problem with this 2 weeks ago and let CIS submit it after the scan.


This FP has been fixed in DB 5896. Please update and confirm it.


this problem is NOT fixed? i just installed SIW and comodo flags it like it is malware? is SIW malware? i sandbox it everytime i use it now, but i wish comodo would get it together and let us know if it has malware in it so i can uninstall it.

Hi ubuxubu,

Please submit the detected file at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis so we can check it.

Thanks and Regards,

SIW is not malware. If you downloaded it directly from the software makers website, then you have nothing to worry about. Now, if on the other hand you downloaded from some 3rd party website or a file sharing site, I’d be suspicious of it. But no, it’s not malware. Some anti-virus programs flag it as such due to things it’s able to do.