Sites not loading

I have looked through the forums and didnt find anything that would help me. I have been using Comodo for about two months now and I keep having the same problem every day. It’s not my antivirus or firewall, I’ve checked and even changed it a few times.

Websites don’t always load. I’ll open the browser, and it won’t load Facebook. It says website not available, retry. I click reload about 5 times until it finally loads. It happens with ANY site, not just specific ones. Whenever I click to open another tab and try to open a site from my favorites, the same thing tends to happen. I rarely ever get sites to load right away. It’s getting rather annoying and if I can’t fix it, I’ll have to change browsers (which is disappointing because I like Comodo). Any ideas?

Hello stefilssu;

Can you clear the browser Cache?

Click Clear Browsing data… ----- > Select All but the bottom 2 > Clear
Also; You may want to clear your dns cache
Start > Programs > Accesories > Command prompt > ipconfig /flushdns

then open your browser and try again…

did this help?

So far so good…lets see if it lasts. Thanks :slight_smile: