Site problem - request for Activation Code konks out

Downloaded CAV 28 days ago, clicked on Get Free License now…, takes me to page to enter name and email and when I click on Submit, it takes me to!BuyNow but the page is BLANK! and then pops up a 2 inch by 6 inch piece of the upper left corner of what appears to be the Comodo front page, but there are no scroll bars and the size restore icon in the upper right corner of the page, between the close and minimize icons, is GRAYED OUT… thus I can’t see the page and the !BuyNow page is blank. On the start up screen where I request the Activation Code, it says if there are any issues getting the activation code, to advise SUPPORT. I have clicked on this 20 times and sent 20 pleas for help and only ONCE was my question responded to… apparently ignoring my comments, merely saying to download CAV and click on Activate… I guess my only resolution is to uninstall CAV 1.0 and try out the CAV 2.0 Beta… wish me luck.