Site Inspector suggestion.

The idea is to make it look more like AVG linkscanner.

Few examples of how it should look \ work:

Let’s say you do a search on google and you get 3 (for simplicity sake) results, let’s say site 1 was tested by Siteadvisor and was found safe, site 2 was tested and found unsafe and site 3 wasn’t tested. So to the right of the 1st search result there would be a green icon (with a checkmark or something) and (optionally) when this link was last tested, for example 5h ago, then 2nd site woiuld have red icon and 2d ago (2 days) and third one would have gray icon. Since 3rd site wasn’t tested user can right click on the link and select “Scan and navigate” thus adding the site to SiteInspector database. Instead of having the icon right next to a link you can make it appear in a tooltip when you place the mouse over it (whichever works better).

Pretty much the same idea for any other link, not just search results, would be very helpful with those “Congrats you won 1000000 bucks, click HERE to get it” e-mails.

Also SiteInspector could re-check the links in it’s database every hour or few hours or day… so that results were more or less recent, but that could put much strain on the system, unless it’s already doing this or something similar.