Site I Go To Not Working After Update

There’s a site I’ve gone to for over a year now that has had a problem when IceDragon updated once before. Right now it looks like this: Screenshot by Lightshot and is not letting me do anything, and normally it’s supposed to look like this: Screenshot by Lightshot

Also the game portion after the IceDragon update (the part that requires Flash) is a completely black screen. If someone could help I would really appreciate that, thank you.

Just went to a couple of other game sites that require Flash and they aren’t working as well.

Hi Mathmachine,
Try clearing your browsing data. Ctrl+Shift+Del
Also check that the flash plugin has not failed.
Flash player check

Kind regards.

I already tried and that did not work unfortunately. Here is another example of what is happening: Screenshot by Lightshot This only started with the update to IceDragon last night.

You could try disabling ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’, found under browsing in the advanced settings.

If that does not help let us hope another user or Staff have some ideas or can replicate the issue.

Kind regards.

That is disabled as well, still nothing. I have absolutely no idea what this could be, but I know it’s specific to IceDragon. I can load up everything on FireFox without any issue at all.

Apologies that none of my suggestions helped. :-[

If there’s a dev or someone you could pass this along to and have message me I’d really appreciate that, thank you.


Please disable the DragAndDrop extension in IceDragon. It seems that it prevents content from loading on some websites.
It would be very useful if you could add links to the websites that present such issues when the extension is enabled so we can investigate and fix them in future versions.

Thank you for your support.

That was the cause of the problem, thank you. And to answer your other point: This website wouldn’t work at all This website wouldn’t work for about 12 hours, then started working not too long ago.

Thank you for the help in this matter, it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your patience with this issue Mathmachine and thank you George-Silviu Blendea for the information. :-TU

I went to the first site - knowing full well that Icedragon works flawlessly on my P3 1400-S 3x256MB PC133 SDRAM Win 2003 R2 machine - and the browser diplayed:


When I NoScript plug-in temporarily allowed, the browser displayed:


I checked my MVPS based / Spybot Immunize augmented HOSTS file, no entry found for the URL.

My bet is on a server prollem.

DragAndDrop strikes again. This time it is breaking can’t sign in. I read this page and went to disable DragAndDrop but it was not on the list of extensions. I know I have it installed because you can drag something and the side menus will pop out. So I down graded back to IceDragon DragAndDrop appeared in the list I disabled it and loaded just fine. Is their a way to uninstall or reinstall the plugin\ extension so that it reappears so it can be disabled.


I found a way around the problem. Load have another tab open any thing.Select the other open tab then right click on the mega tab and reload. Give it plenty of time to finish and then go to the mega tab again. It should be loaded. Some times it works on first try and some it doesn’t. Try a few times.

Here is the error message
An error occurred while loading MEGA.

Filename: resource://dndscripts/Init2.js
Exception: Script error.

I do not know what the DragNDroip prollem is.

I do not know what that is; this product work good last long toime.

You scream PROLLEM!

I see NO prollem.

I have 750 tabs registered in the CID, but I have no issues with CID functionality.


Show me where CID is defective.

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George-Silviu Blendea go read this post on this page it explains what is going on.