site checker that works with chrome

itd be good if you developed some sort software that checked for phishing etc.and make a list of risky sites that give out viruses etc and make it viewable in the internet security or this site dont list good site cuz hackers may use the list to find a next target thank u and forgive my none smart soundin kinda wonderin is comodo a good defense against conficker i read things that said no and some that say sure it does and does i dnt know what to believe :-TD ??? :-TU comodo sercurity actualy clean the pc of viruses and stuff

Yes CIS protects you against conflicker… But that worm is getting old now, If you have fully updated windows you should have protection against it… :-TU :-TU

You can see images of the alerts conflicker would generate vs D+ posted by Egemen (lead developer) here:;msg241581#msg241581
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Also if you have the Antivirus, I believe most versions of it is in the DB, under the name kido…
Push CIS to “proactive security” for maximum protection against new threats.

As for the original question I think comodo secure DNS will prevent phishing to some extent
But I really hasn’t read about it that much…

But there is no 100% blocking of phishing sites. IE 8 has some smart inbuilt protection called SmartScreen Filter… Firefox by default has a list imported from google that will warn for “some” phising sites… And there is an add on called WOT (Web of Trust) that will help warn you of less serious sites… Comodo has a product called V-Engine as well that will warn you if a site uses weak-validation:

hm… google chrome can’t block ads … because that’s google … So if you can realize something that can block ads on chrome that will be amazing. I want it and everyone chrome user wants it except google with their ads pop-ups … That can be bad for them but if user thinks that ads is viruses … :smiley:

I’m welcome

I don’t know guys but what’s the problem with the Ads … ? I think you are smart enough to distinguish the ad from the real thing on the web page , in my opinion , I think it’s not necessarily at all …

It’s not about being smart. It is about having to be in a constant alert mode to stay away from stuff that sometimes is obsessively trying to get one’s attention.