Sis 900 Based PCI Ethernet Adapter [HELP]

Hi there Fellows,
my cpf 3, updated version can´t show the traffic of my integrated ethernet card in a MB ASUS P4S800. After updating the SIS 900 v.1.19 version of the driver I can only see System in the traffic (Sumary) and no inbound or outbond connection under Network Defense. Anyone had this kind of problem? Any sugestion?


Are you running Vista? You may need to reinstall CFP3 to install the correct miniport adapter to support the modified ethernet card. Check under device manager/view hidden devices to see what is installed correctly.

No, win xp sp2. I´ve already reinstalled and I can see some intrusion blocked but I can´t see anything under traffic or active connection. Could it be any problem related to drivers or net card configuration?

Does summary say everything is OK?

Well cpf 3 seem´s to work. Rules fired are shown, I can surf wherever I need or want. Though, animated icon doesn´t show anything, but red point sometimes. Traffic window in the summary option after a long time connected show System 100%. When I go to View active connections it shows nothing. Only at the first boot I can see some UDP connections and then nothing more. My I trust cpf3 is working properly? What about the link betwen Sis 900 based pci ethernet adapter in a Asus P4s800 MB driver? For me it sounds strange since the previous cpf2 has worked right.

javascript:void(0); Help?

Has Comodo Personal firewall died? I can see only an icon with a tick sign in the middle.

I´d like to get back to my 2.0 working version. What about technical support?

This is your support. What 2.0 version are you talking about? Did you try doing a complete uninstall of Comodo. Then enabling Windows firewall and see if you can connect and everything is fine. Then reinstall Comodo and see what happens. Be sure to do a clean uninstall. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode. Why dont you try doing a driver rollback of your adapter.

I was talking about latest CPF 2.4. My connection is ok. My problem is: Coimodo is doing its job?

Just did everything you told me to. Traffic shows System 100%. Active connections: none!!! Animated icon tray: dead!!!
Only at the boot I see at Network Defense windows two outbond UDP connections and then some red points on icon tray and nothing more. I turned on windows firewall, rolled back the original MB driver for the net card and removed software using REVO. Same things boring me. Could Comodo Memory Firewall be a cause of misfunctioning?


If you have a problem with Comodo 2.4 your in the wrong area. Make a post in the 2.4 thread. Hopefully a modder can move this.

Dear Vettetech,

sorry for my english. I was just answering your latest question about Comodo 2. I´m facing problems with Comodo Personal Firewall 3. I can access everything I want. Rules do work. But traffic window shows no active connection under system 100%. My (non) animated icon tray is dead. What is going on? If there is no objective answer to solve this I give up. I´ll try another firewall.


Please ensure that you have V1.19 driver, available from

Ewen :slight_smile:

Do you have the tray animation shut off? I actually don’t care for the tray animation myself.