Single Process

Is there a way to make Dragon run as a single process?

I found the switch --single-process, but it seems to be unsupported in Dragon. Is it possible to enable this switch again?

I don’t know if that is possible, but if you set it to run as a single process, you will lose the crash stability. Meaning, if a tab crashes, the browser will crash.

I know, but if that’s the price to pay for being able to even use Dragon on an old cpu, i wil gladly do it.

Problem is that now not any Chromium based browser will work on my old cpu. Every new tab or link (in an new tab) will give high cpu. That’s not that bad, but it wil freeze the whole browser, not just that loading tab (strange as tabs should be separated from each other by process). So f.e. clicking some search results in Google with CTRL, will not be workable. After every click the whole browser will freeze (window of not responding comes up) and you have to wait till that’s done to just click a new link.
All other browsers (IE, Opera and FireFox) do not have that problem (in fact Opera is lightning fast). So i thought it could have something to do with the multiple process architecture of Chromium…

Hi Dr_IT,

You will receive a stabilty/security warning when opening Dragon due to single process with the switch, but it does still run as a single process.
It is just a warning that stability could be at risk.

It deed indeed run as a single process. Unfortunatley this didn’t make it faster. After testing a lkot more swictches, the switch --process-per-site did the trick. It did keep tbe google search page responsive when clicking links on it. I was very happy and thought i could use Dragon now, but later on it hung completely when i was opening mulptiple image pages on imdb (had to kill it after an hour).

So i gave up, Dragon (or any Chromium browser) is just not a good browser for older cpu’s, in fact it is the least of all browsers… :frowning: