Single left-click for Widget

I’ve noticed that a single left-click on the system tray icon doesn’t appear to do anything.

How about using this to show/hide the desktop widget? Much easier than having to go through right-click - widget - show.

Please :slight_smile:

I don’t think this would work well. I do use the widget, and also often open the CIS GUI by double clicking on the tray icon. Thus, I just know that often I would accidentally hide the widget and have to re-enable it. It would just be too simple to make that sort of error often. Of course the same is also true for those who don’t use the widget.

Yes I see your point Chiron. Accidental clicks can be a real a pain.

This is the thing though - that I also use the CIS widget, as opposed to just having it there… I don’t actually like it being visible on my desktop, I like my desktop clear of pretty much anything really, but the widget remains the quickest and easiest way to use some of CIS’s functions, mostly in my case blocked/untrusted/trusted files. It’s also the easiest way to see whether or not CIS is actually functioning or not.

I’d rather have other ways of doing these things and not use the widget at all, e.g. a more informative and more functional systray icon, but as things stand the widget is easiest - it’s just a pain that it takes several clicks to hide/unhide it.

Maybe a keyboard shortcut for it could be added as an option, that would do just as well really.

Oh wait, I totally misunderstood the wish, I thought it was that the left-click on the tray icon would bring the widget to the top of all other windows as it does when you simply right-click the tray icon.