Single File Scan Question?.

When I download a file of any type from the internet and scan it with Comodo AV I get the results displayed as Total Files scanned = 0, Threats found = 0, Scan Time = 0. I checked this with a few different single files and got the same result each time. I thought the AV wasn’t working but when I set it to scan a folder of files music, photo’s etc it works fine and I get the appropriate amount of files scanned and the time it took to do it but it doesn’t seem to do the same with single files.

My question is. Is Comodo AV scanning the single file and if it is shouldn’t the read out state Total Files Scanned = 1 + Time and result instead of 0?.

It seems to depend on the filetype.
If i scan a .pdf file i get 1 file scanned, if i scan a .cap (wireshark capture) then i also get 0 files scanned.

What’s the file type you are scanning ?

It is a .avi file. Just to check your theory I checked a .mp4 file and a .wmv file and got the same 0 result. I also checked my whole film file folder and got the same 0 result even though there are probably at least a 100 files in it. Strange I would like to know why this happens and are these files being scanned?.

Try the same thing but now make a scan profile and run a manual scan for that folder, and not use the context-menu right click scanner, see if that helps ?

Thanks for the reply Ronny,
I tried that and it works ok but it is not a very good solution to risk moving a possibly corrupt download into my film folder. It should be able to scan it from the desktop. I suppose the best way for me is to use Superantispyware or Malwarebytes to scan these files until Comodo comes with a solution.

I was referring to the Total files scanned staying zero, not trying to get you infected :wink:
You could use Eicar test file to test without the risk of getting infected.

Oh of course I know you weren’t trying to get me infected but although I really like CIS and have no intention of changing from it, previous AV’s I have used such as Avira, AVG and Avast have been able to scan these files singly and also give me a rundown log of my automatically set weekly scan which Comodo doesn’t do at the moment. Considering that the risk of infection is quite high from this type of download it is something that I feel Comodo should be looking at unless of course it is checking just not registering it for some unknown reason.

If i scan one single .WMA file from which i know is infected with the “you don’t have the proper codec set…” it will scan, not sure if there is malware running around with .avi exploitation already.

The problem definitely lies with the Comodo AV part of CIS. After reading your previous post I tried an experiment. I chose a folder of .wma files on my PC and trie to scan a single file result was 0 I then picked a block of 20 files and asked Comodo to scan it which gave a result of 3 files scanned and 0 infections. I went through these files individually and found the three which would scan. I tried to scan these individually and they scanned ok while the others wouldn’t. I carried on with this experiment in several different folders and the results are very intermittent some scan some don’t regardless of file type.

Until this problem is solved I have decided to disable the CIS AV and reinstalled my previous AV which was Avira Anti-Vir. After the installation and update I tested all these files again without Avira having any problem scanning single files or folders.

This is not good there is something seriously amiss in the CIS AV and feel that Comodo should try to solve it as soon as possible.

Can you please post this in the AV Bugreport ?
There have been some issues with this also in the beta.

Will do.

Comodo won’t scan files bigger than a certain size. May be that is happening here as well.

Thanks for the reply EricJH, You could have a point here as all the files I have checked and got no result have been over 20mb. Is there a way to change this in the settings or is it non negotiable?.

Must have been sleeping missing that :wink:
It’s configurable in the AV, Scanner Settings, Manual Scan, Do not scan files larger than : xx

I changed the settings in Real Time and Manual scans to 999mb which is the maximum and it still wouldn’t scan the single files in my film folder which average 5-700mb. I thought maybe I have to reboot after changing the settings but after a reboot it was still the same.

If Comodo AV won’t scan files more than 20mb then how can I have confidence in it when my PC has literally hundreds of files over 20mb?.

I am surprised this is not being discussed more by the moderators and other experts unless it is just something with my installation.

This has something to do with files/types that are/are not dangerous, i’m sure they don’t care for the extension but look in the file, but there is no list of what file types are scanned and which not at the moment.
But they are still building :-)) My guess is that it will come in a newer version someday.