Single computer - Trusted Zone?

I have only 1 computer behind a DSL NAT modem/router. Is it necessary to add this machine to the trusted zone? Is there any benefit, or potential risk? I’ve heard that it’s useless to do so if you have only 1 computer (i.e. no file/print sharing), but then heard conflicting info… that sometimes your computer needs to “talk to itself”, and that adding it to the trusted zone will facilitate that process.

And what about the loopback zone? Will adding that to the trusted zone make any difference? Right now I have “Block all incoming connections and stealth my ports to everyone” selected through the Stealth Ports Wizard because I saw that recommended for single computer setups.

Thank you very much for any help.

When you are the only user there is no need to make a trusted zone for your computer. You could consider making the IP address of your modem/router part of your trusted zone.

I woud say to not allow loopback to trusted zone and let CIS ask when a program wants to access it. It gives a bit more control.