Since new Update, every time a reboot CIS reloads ICMP Blocking.

We use IPv6 tunnels, and everytime i reboot a server due to an upgrade i have to go back into CIS Firewall settings, Global Settings, and delete the ICMP settings, because if the Tunnel can not ping the server then the tunnel will not work. What is making CIS put these setting back? and how can i stop them? Our IPv6 Traffic is now 30% of our usage on 9 sites, and if people don’t remember that CIS keeps putting these ICMP blocks back in, your IPv6 Tunnel collapses … We have tried changing the rules, editing them deleting them, but nope they keep coming back, we have this on 4 different servers and it is becoming worrisome.
Some Help would be nice thanks, IPv6 is here, and until our backbone is IPv6 we need to use Tunnels.

Sorry, also you have changed something in the way CIS firewall deals with interfaces, as we had to find a way around keeping our main interfaces open to outside traffic, and still keep our VPN’s working. Can you point us to a list of what has been changed in CIS Firewall since the last upgrade? There is more going on then we can see, we are running wireshark at present to see what CIS is doing, but i White paper on the new changes would be nice.