Since installing 7.x

i have noticed that none of the rules boxes in Firewall or HIPS are checked on (see image).

Is this kosher? Shouldn’t boxes be enabled by checking them? Is this firewall actually working? Uh oh…

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All rules are active.

They are only checked when you want to edit each rule.

The only sections where checked and unchecked boxes occur, are in the settings.


Whew, really? That would be a very non-standard UI implementation!

From time immortal, even before the advent of computers and on-screen forms/controls, a checkbox that is clear has been taken to mean that a choice is NOT made, that something is NOT enabled. Comodo should put a note above these boxes indicating that they are only used in conjunction with the little caret button at the bottom when you want to edit the rule set.

Which of course, then begets the question of “how do I then turn off one or more of these rule sets?” (should I want to do so). Checking the rule set box on and using the caret pop-up at the bottom, I can ‘add’, ‘remove’ or ‘edit’. There is no ‘disabled’ control that I can see.

Sorry you cannot disable a rule only remove.

I really liked Kerio as it had this, a easy way to disable a rule without removing :slight_smile:

We have asked in the past for this option, I just hope by adding these boxes in Version 7 we might get it sometime as they are not really needed.