Since going to Windows 10, I can no longer install Dragon or Chromodo?

Hello all:

I recently purchased a new Windows 10 PC with 64 Gigs of RAM and an Intell I-7 CPU. It’s flaming fast and all of my old and new programs were able to be installed.

I’ve installed Commodo Ice Dragon smoothly, but I’ve had no luck with either Dragon or Chromodo - it’s baffling. No matter how many times I try to install either Dragon or Chromodo, it looks like it begins to go through the process, but the moment I hit install, another window comes up that tells me it was unable to install.

I’ve checked my Firewall (Zone Alarm), and I’ve turned off my Anti-Virus during the install (AVG), yet this still occurs. Again, the Mozilla based Ice Dragon loads quickly and smoothly, but I’m no longer able to install Dragon or Chromodo.

It’s not a matter of not being able to load Chromium based browsers because I have two other chromium based browsers that installed smoothly, they being both Opera and SlimJet. So the problem is just confined to Commodol Dragon and Chromodo.

What am I missing here? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. If it’s something blatantly simple, then let me down easily…will ya!!!

Ben Herrmann
Fuquay Varina, NC

Hi benherrmann,
Does the unable to install window show any other particular error message?
Maybe post a screenshot of the unable to install window.


As I mentioned, I’m running a Windows 10 system, and I can tell you that I’ve noticed a wide variety of little bugs that plague this new system. But I’m running 64 Gigs of RAM and in general, this system is very fast.

OK - I just rebooted and tried installing both Dragon and Chromodo again - no luck! Once I get past the part where I can select where on my PC to install the programs and hit install, it looks like it tries to begin installing (maybe 2 seconds at the max), and then I get theerror window - which I’ve attached as a JPG.

OK - so I rebooted in safe mode, assuming that at least in this mode anything would install. But the exact same thing occurred - something is not allowing these two programs to install (note again - the Mozilla based Ice Dragon installs just fine).

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi benherrmann,
Due to the lack of hints in the error message, I have asked Staff for any ideas or help.
No promises.

Kind regards.

Hi benherrmann,
Please check your message box. We need logs to understand the issue in details

Please see attached logs…

[attachment deleted by admin]

First of all, I finally got both Dragon and Chromodo to install. I’ve found out that Windows 10 (at least on my new machine) has an issue with being put into sleep mode and then later on after awakening from sleep mode. As long as I don’t put my machine into sleep mode, virtually everything works fine.

As a matter of background info, I tend to always put my PC into sleep mode when I’m away from it for long periods of time. I never shut the machine off and I only reboot it after a software upgrade (if it tells me to do so). But I soon noticed that when putting the PC into sleep mode and then awakening it later, the following things occur:

  1. I can’t do windows updates (it brings up a blank screen that is inoperable) - but after rebooting the system it functions just fine, and…

  2. Some of my programs (i.e. Chromium based browsers and some email programs) won’t load (but when looking at the task manager, it clearly shows that there are instances of those programs running in the background). So what I usually do is to do a Control/Alt/Delete to get rid of those programs running in the background. However, on the occasions I let them sit there, eventually - usually after 30 minutes or so - the programs will load (go figure as I have 64 Gigs of RAM).

  3. Some programs - specifically the Commodo chromium based browsers - would not install (thus I contacted you).

So after rebooting the system, I’ve stopped putting the PC into sleep mode and I’ve had no problems whatsoever. From now on (or until the issue can be diagnosed and/or corrected), I’ll just turn off the PC a nights and restart in the AM.

Who can I contact on the Windows side of the house (forum link or something), where I can make them aware of this so I can get some answers?


Hi benherrmann,
The following links might help.

Kind regards.