Since Dragon is based on Google Chrom...

… does it track and store all information, searches, et cetera that Google stores on their servers more/less forever?

I’m all for a clean and secure browser, but I don’t like big brother looking over my shoulder and tracking everything I do.

Thanks for any info and insights.

Okay, I do not know any browser that is built on Chrome, most are built on Chromium.

Chromium does not have those features, Google’s team puts them in Chrome when they finalize the product, so they are not included in the first place.

One of the reasons for Dragon was to eliminate those very worries that you are addressing, tracking and storing information, sending it to Google. This is what Dragon does not do. One thing you have to note that Dragon’s team adds more stuff(whenever it happens) and have a try at great technologies(Great, but currently disappointing, nonetheless great Comodo DNS)

One thing that throws me off is the “Google Analytics” being used for the forums, and Google being the default search engine, it contradicts sending Google information in the first place. (You can use Ghostery or Disconnect, many others that prevent tracking. Also, you can change the search engine.)

Thanks for the reply, mega. I clearly have a lot to learn about the technology and threats, but I’ll go ahead and give Dragon a try along with the AV software.

you won’t be disappointed :-TU

He won’t be disappointed with CD, but he may be disappointed with the AV!

I didn’t enjoy their antivirus. However, their Comodo Firewall with HIDS (host intrusion detection system) built-in is first class! Love it! :-TU

Yeh, it stops everything, such as svchost and some other critical systems files and is dependent upon users submitting whitelist files to them. No thanks, until CIS comes out of beta stage…and it sometimes behaves like alpha stage software, not production quality.