Since CIS V.4, cannot see my network hard drive anymore

I’ ve been using Comodo CIS for a long time, V3… and before.

My home network consists of DSL - router - PCs (XP Pro) - printers, plus one 2TB Western Digital HDD with ethernet (actually a NAS server).

From my PC I “see” the HDD through the windows explorer, with permament mounting to a specific drive name.

This morning I updated to Comodo CIS V.4

The WD HDD is not accesible anymore. “Network path not specified” , “you do not have the right to access the requested network”, even the workgroup settings were altered.

The other PCs of the network connect to the HDD as usual. Only my PC with CIS V.4 since this morning has the problem.

I tried anything I could thing of. BTW the HDD echoed normally to the ping.

Can you please advice ? (Together with the meaaning of the sandbox ?)

Thanks in advance

Athens, Greece

If you can reinstall v3 do it mate (tell me how to do it). V4 is the biggest load of rubbish and no one will help you.



Sure Mike, try there

Version 3.14