Since CFP v2.4 is being ignored, any hope of an Open Source release?

Some still prefer v2.4.

If Comodo no longer cares about it, why not release the source code so the remaining bugs can finally be fixed??!

due to licensing issues (some third party code in v2.4) open source is not a viable solution.

we put a 2.4 like mode in v3, can u help us identify what exactly you would prefer in v2.4 compared to v3 (anti leak mode firewall)? to my knowledge v3 in Anti leak mode (v2.4 mode) is less noisy and lighter in your system.

I much prefer the 2.4 interface, it is intuitive, and well thought out.

the 3.x interface, on the other hand, is a convoluted nightmare, time consuming to navigate through, and much more confusing than it needs to be. With all the features 3.x offers, it can seem intimidating enough, the GUI just makes it even more so.

I have posted about this before, but that thread has faded into obscurity. Click Me!

I’m still using 2.4, solely because of the GUI issues. :frowning:

I think you’re exagerating when you’re saying v3 interface is a nightmare…Just a question of habits according to me…

with v3 majority of our efforts are now going towards making it even easier to use.

Here is how you can help us:

Please give us snapshots of before and after screenshots showing us how you would like to improve v3 to suit you.

This way we can collate all the requests (screenshots are the best way) and feed it to our dev guys.

We would really appreciate that.

Maybe I am exaggerating a little, but not all that much.
The current situation, where about 8 separate mouse clicks are required to change a rule, is cumbersome, and pretty time consuming.

A couple of ideas of how to make Comodo a bit simpler and easier to use:

  1. Adding an ability to create an advanced rule from the alert dialog. There’s already a dialog for editing a rule, why not create a shortcut button so that one could be edited/created from an alert. Currently I hit remember and then have to go and modify the rule from the list of saved rules.
  2. The list of Rules is rather clumsy to use and very hard to navigate. Things get worse as hundreds of applications and rules are added. Also when you delete a rule the screen jumps to the top. Please please split it up and make it simpler. Kerio had it really nice where it only showed applications and some checkboxes to show which connections are allowed. It also had a way to select an application and to edit it’s rules. The applications could also be sorted without having to scan a list to find the one that you want to change/edit rules for.
  3. From the edit rule screen if I want to select a set of ports and if I don’t see the right set in the dropdown I need to close the dialog. Navigate to the other dialog to enter a new port set, go back to the rules screen find and get back to the one I was editing and then select the new port set. Also do the port sets need to be global? can I just enter some port numbers separated by commas?

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Hi Melih, check the link I posted earlier in the thread :slight_smile:

good ideas

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