Simultaneous updates of Comodo and avast!

This morning Comodo wanted to do a program update and while the update was going on, and before I restarted, avast! said it wanted to do a program update too! Thinking that I could save a restart, after the Comodo update was done, I let avast do its download and update and, as expected, it wanted to do a restart. So, at this point BOTH programs had done their updates and BOTH were waiting for a restart.

The firewall is in Safe Mode and Defense+ is in CleanPC Mode.

I did the restart successfully. Things looked normal for a short while and then avast said it needed a restart. I figured Comodo must have gotten in avast’s way so before doing the restart I looked at Comodo. It had put something like 143 files in the Pending Files list, all with status Modified and all belonging to avast. Cute! Many were temp files so I did a Purge which got rid of the ones for missing temp files. I did a lookup on all the remaining ones (quite a few) and they all turned up Unknown. Seems a bit strange to me that the land of Comodo doesn’t know about the land of avast.

So I removed all those files from the Pending list and did another restart.
All looks fine now.

I guess it is a bad idea to update Comodo and avast at the same time. Right?
Did Comodo really get in avast’s way such that it could not do what it wanted to do during the first restart?
Are both programs OK now? How would I know?


When the update for Avast was a program update then the reboot may have been needed anyway. I am not an Avast user by the way.

I expected that avast would want a restart. I just figured that ONE restart would satisfy both avast and Comodo. And when one did not handle both programs I figured that Comodo somehow stopped avast from doing what it needed to do.

For the future, I would recommend only updating one at a time. :slight_smile: