Simply speaking: cannot install at all

Hello everyone,

I am new at comodo. I am a firewall user for Windows OS since several years and after reading about this new firewall I wanted to look at it as comments read were very good.

Meanwhile, my experience with it is that I cannot install the product. No error messages displayed.

Here is what I have done :

  • Downloaded the product. The file setup.exe has been created.

  • Executed the file setup.exe. The setup start.

  • Receive a window screen saying : “In case you have any third party personal fiewall installed, please un-install that before installing Comodo Firewall. Would you like to continue?”

  • Since I have completely removed any previous firewall I was using (I even get that Windows notification saying that No firewall is turned on), I click “YES”. Checked before doing so that the process “setup.exe” was loaded in the system.

  • Then… nothing. Absolutely nothing. No error. The setup process disappears.

Anyone experienced that before or know anything about this situation? Not sure of the exact release version, but I have just downloaded it.

Any help would be appreciated,

  • Pierre

setup.exe downloaded file size: 8.114KB
Windows XP Home edition SP2 and all latest security update.
Installed from a priviledge account.

Hi Pierre & welcome to the forums.

Is this the setup file you downloaded? It is 8,113KB according to a query & Windows explorer says it is 8,114KB.

I have downloaded that alternative version and the size of it is exactly the same as the one I have previously downloaded. The installation experience is, unfortunately, exactly the same… :cry:

  • Pierre

Something must be preventing the setup from working. Such as insufficient disk space… or perhaps another security product. Check the Windows event logs to see if there any clues in there.

Failing that, you’ll need to go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. If you do decide to do that, please post any feedback that you get here. Thanks.

OK. I can’t see anything special from the event log, although I am not an expert at interpreting it. I can’t see anything that should prevent comodo installer to perform so I will need some help from the support group. Will let the newsgroup aware of any progress. Thanks.