Simply Accounting Pro with Comodo Firewall 3

I installed the most recent Comodo Firewall and now it takes FOREVER for Simply Accounting Pro to do anything. I’ve tried making it a trusted app and also making safe, the network machine where it’s getting the data from. However it’s still brutal. Maybe there’s a setting somewhere I’m missing or an app name I need to allow. I’m watching the little icon go absolutely crazing checking incoming & outgoing connections.

As a side note, I tried set firewall and defense+ as disabled but they seem to stay active.

Any help would be appreciated. I like the product but now my program is unusable.


If you want to disable the firewall and D+ you need to reboot. It tells you this. If your having problems having Comodo learn your apps then simply put firewall and D+ in training mode.


When I set the two services to “disable” it didn’t say anything about rebooting. But on your advice I tried it. I had also put it in training mode previously. Neither one made a difference. Even when disabled, after rebooting (twice in a row just to be safe) the icon still went nuts when I started Simply and it took over a minute just to get to the first prompt where it asks me which file to open. From there it didn’t get any better.

For now I’ve uninstalled Comodo since it’s not usable like this but if you have any thoughts, or the Comodo team has any information I’ll give it another shot. In general I liked the program until that point.