Simplicity and CPF V. 2.4

(B) Simplicity and Choice (:CLP)
I just wanted to make a simple comment on an already well known fact… I am still so totally impressed and thankful for the finest, simple, supper effective most powerful and versatile firewall anywhere in CPF Version 2.4.
This software program is very powerful while being simple to use as well as system friendly… allowing a person to run other independent yet complimentary security programs efficiently thus building a “layered” security barrier and not IMHO, putting all one’s eggs in the same basket…so to speak.
For me… cpf v.2 and BoClean, combined with cmf v.2, Process Guard and SSM with REG Defend from Ghost Security to protect that all important Registry is my chosen poison (:NRD)
I am so impressed and thankful that CPF v.2.4 allows me these choices

Here’s to v.2.4 (:KWL)