Simpler way to report a false positive and new location submit suspicious files

I have 2 requests

1)Shouldn’t the “submit suspicious files” from the “Misc tab” be under the Anti-virus Tab"?? Most people in the comodo forum know to look there. But a novice user may not know to look there. It would help increase the suspicious files being report.
It shouldn’t just be an expert comodo user that would know how to report a suspicious files. In fact, it’s usually the novice users that are most likely to get infections. There the ones we want to know how to report those files. Plus it’ll increase your virus signatures :slight_smile:

2)Shouldn’t it be easier to report a false positive??? or a possible false positive. It the comodo anti-virus flags something and you think its a false positive. I think one should just be able to “right click it” and “automatically report the false positive or possible false positive WITH a couple of lines on why they think its a false positive. This would help reduce our False positives”

Thank You for reading my requests :slight_smile: and putting up with my ■■■■■■ grammer and spelling :-TU


There is now a very intuitive site that allows you to both submit suspicious files and report False Positives. Here is the link.