Simple sandbox explanation video


Looking good (the girl), keep heiring hot girls and your company will prevail! :smiley: :-TU

At 00:46-00:48 I would aim the camera just a little bit lower… But thats probably just me. Or? 88) :wink: Overall a good Video that explains why conventional antivirus programs sucks.

■■■■ good video Melih, Well done to the team. It explains it perfectly, Nice and clean.

Good video, but currently Norton also filters out unknown programs until they have been analysed or you specifically allow them to run. Maybe the comparisons should of been with AVG or someone.


same as above ,besides , why did you use real programs to represent those antivirus programs ! ?

Maybe you will face some criticisms because of that !!

other than that , the video was simple, short and most importantly HOT ;D

This is a very simple and short way of explaining why conventional AV just does not work anymore, And how CIS works to protect a user against the “unknown files” that could be either malware (Added to AV Database) or a Good file, added to the whitelist. :-TU

The sandbox is not simply explained in this video.

I’m just curious, could you please explain why you think this video fails to explain the sandbox in a simple way? And do you have any suggestions how comodo could make it better and more understandable for everyone? :slight_smile:

This sounds to me like nothing more than a drive-by disscharge.


Nice play on words… :smiley:

Wtf are you guys smoking. It doesn’t even say the word ‘Sandbox’. It’s a video that’s very well done for marketing but it doesn’t explain the sandbox. and if you argue that it does explain the sandbox by saying ‘trap unknown files’ then all I can do is ‘lol’.

You don’t invite feedback very well >.> (apart from Commanding the celsius)

I waited for the explanation of the sandbox but maybe they linked to the wrong video ?

I think it explains the sandbox well enough to someone who doesn’t want to know anything about how their computer works except that it’s protecting them.

You’re right that it doesn’t explain anything about how the Comodo Sandbox actually works, but I think it really was aimed mainly at marketing and not divulging information. While it’s not useful for me I can see how it could be helpful for others.

I assume, like me, that you’re not one of those people. ;D

Huh? ???
or haha! :smiley: more than LOL !

Where to start from ?

Completely agree with Kyle , commanding the celsius & other users, who pointed out that it was most likely simply a mistakenly posted link

… but YES!!! the girl …Oh mama! - she is HOT! - no question about it. Period! (meaning “dot”! :wink: )

… and probably I forgot to mention -the video itself is pathetic! It reminds me that low level junk video about Symantec despite I am one of those who has no believe at all in Symantec / PrevX & alike

It is perfect time to change the grass brand


p.s. *** added ***
Sorry guys, forgot to mention:

Well ~Maxx~ - those are indeed very good “play on words” … but seriously where is an explanation? Are you really thinking that “this” sandbox is working? Give a hug to Josho & Eric ;D Cheers!

no, that is just how they think an ad for the masses should be, no need to relate the sandbox ;D …okay I do have doubts, as the ad is titled Comodo Internet Security vs Conventional AV…it might indeed be the wrong video linked here…anyway, whatever this ad is supposed to demonstrate, it’s a caricature…it doesn’t tell anything serious. And no, that’s not how an ad should be, this one is particularly ridiculous.

so some of you have a problem with the original post title…

and the big deal is what?


PS: I bet some will link this to famine in Africa…just watch :slight_smile:

the big deal is that the video link was no mistake it seems ;D


the title is what u guys don’t like :slight_smile:

and yes the girl in that video is no other than Miss Florida 2008(i think)…:slight_smile:


the title is just misleading :wink:

All the marketing aside( and that hot girl too), the video isnt helpful to those who were waiting wanting to know whats the NEED of sandbox.