Simple Request concerning EXE's

While Comodo’s HIPS functionality is excellent and has been for years, there is one aspect of functionality that has been missing(or at least I can’t find it) and that is preventing EXE/APP execution. There is no way to block program’s from starting. They can be blocked from accessing anything, but are still allowed to start.

It would be most beneficial if they could be blocked proactively(and terminated if found running) on a per EXE/APP.

Or if I’m missing something and someone could let me know what setting I can use to perform the function desired.

You can create an auto-containment rule set to block with the target set to the application you want to block from being executed. If you really want to block it with HIPS you can add the file to the blocked files list.

I generally disable the auto-containment feature as it tends to generate a lot of extra files and uses up storage, which not desired. The block file option however seems promising. I will test and report back. Thank You for responding so quickly!