Simple Player caused Numerous Problems

very new to the software pretty much let it instal its default setting,
here’s my Question: my wife went to my Daughter web page at her Job
ANd downloaded a Info commerical my Daughter was in. When she started the Vidieo, all kinds
of warnings poped up But I don’t believe it was from the Comodo Internet Security , it was a Warning about you computer was inflected with about 6 problems and you need to allow them to fix the problem.
This seemed Like a scam to me to get someone to try their software to remove stuff they installed.
I stoped the action it took several trys to get it to close.
I the ran a full virus scan of my PC and it found 5 different things one was even found in the Back-up drive that wasn’t in use at the time , It does have my Backup hidden there ( I use Comodo backup to drive F beings its primarly used for pictures and games its 80 G this leaves my primary (160G) pretty neat when I need to clean and defrag the operating systems.
I saw some where on the forum about using a Comodo Program to start parental controls to prevent software from installing. Would this have prevented this from occuring. And if I install this feature can my wife still use all the features of media pLayers and such because to play something it needs to download to the player.
Is there a way to lock up the video’s And cookies and other down loads to a temp file and force a wipe of that file upon closing the system similar to llinux when you shut down it wipes and compress the operating system back to boot status.
Or is there another way to protect your system from aggresive hackers who attach bombs ???to downloads.

You can start with How To Achieve Max Security With ZERO Alerts! and see how that works.