Simple MS VPN (PPTP) help needed

here’s how you can do a functioning test of your DNS server thru the VPN. This is using the builtin WinXP command line tool “nslookup”.

From a command prompt, enter “nslookup”. It will tell you what server it is set to use, and give you a ‘>’ prompt.

set type=a

Note that when doing a lookup, be sure to use the fully qualified name, with a trailing dot ‘.’ Otherwise your local domain name will get attached to the query, and it’ll come back with a lookup that you aren’t expecting it to make.

After you have your VPN connection, an “ipconfig /all” should show you the VPN DNS server address.

That first '> server ’ command will force all the queries to the IP address that you give. By using the VPN address, you will force the queries thru the VPN. If the queries that follow work, then DNS is working. If they don’t, then DNS isn’t working. If the queries just time out, like wireshark is showing, the packets aren’t coming back. And that implies a server-side routing problem, which is a different kind of game.

I’m coming up on the end of my day. Tomorrow is going to be a bit busy, so it may be close to 2300 or 2400 GMT before I get online here, if all goes well. Otherwise, it’ll be Friday 1800 GMT before I’ll be able to get back on topic.

Thanks for all of the things to check – it’ll take me a day or so to sort them out. Will be in contact.

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