simple list of blocked/trusted application

Coming from version v2, Comodo v3 now seems much more unintuitive,

I can’t find how to do the easiest and basic thing that all normal users wish:
when running a program and comodo asks me what to do and i click my action and i click on remember my action; where can I find (later on) how to edit my decision?; in other words:
like in comodo v2 i wish to see a simple list of all the programs that i tick to remember my decision and the possibility to edit the decision or remove the entry (e.g. who removes the remember entries for old programs that have been uninstalled from the Hard disk?, in Comodo v2 yuo manually could remove entries for uninstalled programs)

Its a good idea to click around and learn any new software you just installed. Comodo 3.0 has a great help file under Miscellaneous. Also your Firewall programs are listed under Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy. Your D+ programs are listed under D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy. Spend some time click around Comodo 3.0 and all the tabs and you will surprised what you can learn yourself. This is what I did back in Nov 07 when it came out.

Along with what vettetech said about editing entries, it’s easy to remove entries from uninstalled software by clicking purge in both Firewall and D+. Anything no longer on your computer will come up.

ok thanks both!