Simple LAN rules (how to?) & strange LAN behaviour after default Installation

Hi Guys,
Computer with Comodo Firewall installed can communicate with second LAN computer. The latter one reports “no permission” when attempting to access “Comodised” machine.
My home LAN:
Win 2000 Pro 192.168.1.NN - Comodo Firewall
Win XP Pro 192.168.1.YY - MS XP Firewall

My simple questions (very hard ones will follow :slight_smile:

  • how to create a rule, which allows me to “see” Win2000 from XP as it was prior to Comodo installation.
  • and would it be different after Comodo installation on XP (nearest future plan)
    Thanks in advance

Actually I am not sure that the Comodo’s behaviour concerning LAN in a described scenario is up to my expectations.

  1. as soon as I clicked on XP’s network drive on Win2000. I was there. No question asked by Comodo. Why? Any outbound Internet activity correctly triggers the dialogue. What would be a major difference with first outbound LAN request?
  2. “no permission” message on XP side of a wire. So I ran to another room where Comodo was guarding Win2000 …. Found no indication that “someone” tried access it. Silence here would a be good thing indeed in case a rule to disable access from 192.168.1.YY was set already (I dono how to it yet. Remember ? :slight_smile:
  3. and the last one which is kinda not good at all. I disabled Comodo on Win 2000 and tested access from XP. Fine. I am in. Ok, now I know for sure. So I enabled Comodo back. And than because of my extremely bad nature I went back to XP and clicked on Win 2000 shared network drive. Oops! I am in. Yes. Until XP is restarted I can access “Comodized” PC. ???
    Thanks for your time
    Any comments will be highly appreciated

I’m not sure about making the 2nd computer visible but Comodo is allowing you to connect to the other computer because it is on your trusted network. If you’ve set it up correctly you will have created a rule allowing communication both in and out from to which is any pc connected to your nextwork if they aren’t on a static IP Address. Hope this helps… There’s a step-by-step Tutorial for setting up your nework rules located here:


Hi Eric,
Thanks for quick reply and very cool link ->!ceeewl (:CLP)
Would be nice 2 have such tip links from within Comodo.
I have to learn a bit. And it’s fine. I like it.

…If you’ve set it up correctly…
Actually that was the point of what I wrote in PS and it still bothers me
I performed a default install - no rules applied yet.
So rephrasing PS#2: if someone knocking and Comodo is blocking - I must be notified.
PS #3: if Comodo blocking something and than was allowed to have a rest (no rules changed prior to that) it must block the same things again when called back to duty.
I’m not criticising (yet (:WIN)) I like the product.
Thanks again.
Best Regards

Well, it’s bank holiday weekend here in England and since it’s 20 past five i’d better go home… I’ll try and reply at some point properly over the weekend.