Simple Copy backup and restore

I create a backup in simple copy mode. It then won’t let me select it for restore: it just comes up with an uninformative error bar at the top of the window. Should I be able to select a simple copy backup when restoring, or is this only relevant for other types of backup?
Because of this, it means I can’t delete the backup using Comodo either, and if I delete the backup files manually it often seems to give Comodo problems (crashed on startup). I then have to uninstall and reinstall Comodo to fix this.
Am I having these problems because I’m using simple copy mode (which I like in principle because I’m naturally suspicious of any non-standard file formats and I like to use windows explorer to navigate) or is there some other problem?

CB can restore only .cbu files.

There was a crash in previous releases of 3.0, but it was fixed in 3.0 build 130.

Simple copy is not causing any crash. Please make sure you have the latest version 3.0.171317.130.

You can navigate .cbu files using windows explorer. Right click on them and choose “CBU Mount”.


That explains why it’s suddenly stopped crashing - it must have upgraded itself to build 130.

Thanks for the info on how to mount a cbu file in windows explorer - that’s great!