Simple,but hard problem.

Hello this is simple,but hard problem for me. I play a lot of Blizzard Entertainment games such as: Starcraft ,World of Warcraft,Warcraft 3,Diablo2… Recently i had bought a 1300 dollar computer that i built my self over the internet,and it had no pre-arranged security software installed in it.
So i decided going with Comodo based products is the way to go,but on the firewall(verison 3) i am having a problem… I cannot seem to host any games… Like Warcraft 3 in particular,people have been telling me that i need to forward a port called 6112,and ive also checked the blizzard website for help with this,but still it doesnt make any sense to me. Nor do i know where to even forward a port or would know how to. Can someone explain/help me, on how to do this correctly? I have no idea what i am doing ,should i attempt something without assistance.

Hello land99nic98 ;D

Check these out. I think you’ll find your answer in one of those threads. You shoud also check Vettetechs “Note to Gamers” here :

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Will do,thanks!