Similar ICS Problem

Just to continue in the same vain as the thread listed below…apologies for doing so
I too am having the same problems in getting my LAN to work correctly with the new beta
version in vista…thankfully now I’ve been able to ditch the windows firewall and gain ‘Full Stealth’ using the latest version of comodo but I desperately need help in getting my other pc to share
my internet connection…the network was running fine whilst using zonealarm but I wasn’t getting
a stealth protection…I figure I need some serious guidance to enable me to finally get both pc’s
to access each other and the internet.

many thanks in advance.



If you open CFP V3 Beta, click on FIREWEALL - COMMON TASKS - FIREWALL STEALTH CONFIGURATION, and select “I would like to be completely visible from within a trusted network”. This will automatically create policies that will allow access across your LAN, and therefore allow ICS to work.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

already did that Ewan but still no joy unfortunately…
thanks for your reply though…appreciated.