Silverlight will crash occasionally on MSN Home Page video links

Not sure where to focus the search since it only happens occasionally. The first few times I would get the Chrome broken puzzle piece showing the Silverlight was broken. This was with v19.0

When videos load there are different rotating patterns showing that the video is loading. Not sure of the differences. One is an arrow going clockwise in a circle, for MSN it is a color wheel going in a circle and for these links it is dots going clock wise in a circle. On these occurrences it is the same dots going in a circle followed by another set of dots going in a circle. Almost as if one link is picking up the video from a second link.

When I would get the broken puzzle piece error, I would next click on the link and select play in new tab the video would play. But after I cleaned with Ccleaner again the broken puzzle piece when clicking on the video link.

This last time I did not get the broken chrome puzzle piece for Silverlight but did get a MSN error for Dragon
This was with v19.1

I will attach it at the end.

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  1. Symptom Flash Plugin crashes when trying to view a video on when clicking on view in new tab it plays.

  2. Restart same error, after running in new tab seems to work but after runnning cCleaner and restarting, Silverlight plugin errror again fails.

  3. Dragon version 19. and 19.1

  4. Plugins After the Deadline

5)Windows XP SP-3

  1. UAC N/A

7)System Drive C:

8)location default install setting

  1. Administrator rights

  2. Google Chrome is not installed. All boxes are checked under Privacy.

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

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Instead of adding additional images to my beginning post, thought I would add them here.

Since videos change daily sometimes within a day, it might be difficult for one of the Comodo Dragon Developers to catch the problem. At the bottom of the plugin erro you can see the title of the video.

Thank you again for researching or forwarding this to the Comodo Dragon Developers.


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I had the same problem before.

The followng plug-in has crashed: Silverlight Plug-In

What I did is I Disabled Silverlight in dragon://plugins/ and everything works just fine.

  1. just sharing

If I disable the Silverlight in Dragon, how do I view those videos that use Silverlight? Not all silverlight videos crash.
Not sure how to determine the difference?

I was still able to play MSN videos and use Skydrive without any error message like “The followng plug-in has crashed: Silverlight Plug-In”.

Here’s a screenshot: