Silverlight problem with sandboxed browser

My browser (Opera 11.6 or Firefox 7) freeze when i try playing a silverlight video.
Opera or Firefox is sandboxed as limited. My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium.
I have tried running with the same configurations in XP without any problems.
Are grateful if anyone has a solution to the problem :slight_smile:

Does lowering the sandbox level โ€œfix itโ€?

Hey thanks for your interest.
Have tried to lower the sandbox level to partially limited without helping. When I disable the Defense + and the browser is still sandboxed, it works.
Have tried to uninstall silverlight, delete trusted files and install Silverlight again without result. Can the problem be in the UAC. I have also tried to uninstall CIS and install it again without result.

As my avatar may give away I am an Opera user. Can you give me link(s) to sites where this happens? I will try to reproduce it.

Itโ€™s possible that this is related to other security programs you have installed. Do you have any other security programs installed?


Here is the video I try to see:Choosing the Right Programming Model | Microsoft Learn, but it looks like it applies to all Silverlight videos.
I have Malwarebytes installed and also Sandboxie 3.54