silent Updates

I wish that, There would be no updates while in a full screen application and would wait untill the full screen application is closed.

This is because, While playing games and an update occurs this could cause an lag spike.

+1 this is really annoying and sometimes it crash Comodo so i’ve disabled autoupdt and set it to manual…

+1 Makes perfect sense.

Newbie to CIS here. Dropped Mcafee for this fine product. Forums are very helpful.

So far, so good, except for Anti-Virus automatic updates. In my particular case, I have to use 56k. There are also millions of others that don’t have access to hi-speed for whatever reason(s). Users need to have control over update scheduling. Yes, I read the posts in regard to daily updates being very important. However, automatic updates have interfered with some very important connections of mine.

Thanks for a great suite of products.

I would agree that the pop-up update notifications should at least be a user-controllable option.

I personally would prefer just a change to the CIS icon in the System Tray (Notification Area).


it’ll be great if CIS implements silent updates.


+1 for me too.

It seems like Comodo is always updating itself, in one way or another, when I’m busy doing something that doesn’t want interrupting.

Comodo could monitor the cpu usage, or network utilization, or system “idleness”, and only do updates when the cpu is low, or the network or system is idle.

The tooltip on the tray icon should show the last update time, to make it easier to verify how current it is.

The tray icon could flash a red exclamation if Comodo couldn’t update itself because of user activity, or lack of idle time.

+1 from me :wink:

Something like Avast’s updater - shows a message but there is an option to not display if running a full-screen app.

i completely vote for that feature ;D

Well, It’s also that the bandwidth that the update may use while your playing a game or such full screen application that could affect it.


This is a good idea ,I like silent updates too.

+1 It would be like what Norton implemented in their 2009 products–Light Silent Mode. It kicks in when you’re in full screen and suspends updates and scheduled scans. You still remain fully protected by the AV and Firewall.

+1 Comodo should update with nothing displayed
And when internet connection is idle for online game player.

+1 for the Full Screen temporarily Disables the Auto’ Updates idea.

However, I would also like to Disable the Auto’ Updates and Schedule them to Update Monthly.

[i]I have remote access to an Autistic kid’s laptop which I take care of, that uses ‘Returnil’ 24 Hours per Day for obvious reasons, and the Updates are currently set to Auto’. Which mean’s, it is Downloading the same Updates every time it is switched On and Connected (‘Pay as you go’ USB Dongle Modem - Satellite). It’s been like that for a few months now. Which was a bad idea I know, but I was in a rush installing Windows etc…

Getting access to it could be difficult because of the ‘Pay as you go’; they aren’t rich.

I wish that the Scheduled Scans would be remade to Scheduled Jobs.
Scheduled Jobs would allow not only to schedule scans but also virus database update intervals.
Schedule Job creator should be modified a bit to allow hour and week intervals.

For example.
Scheduled Job #1
Scan whole PC once a month (or 4 weeks interval)

Scheduled Job #2
Update virus database every 12 hours.

One other feature known from BOClean would be nice to have in CIS which was the ability to set BOClean to update definition database only few minutes after bootup and then on specified time intervals (Sheduled Job #2).