hi, i’m one of the people making addons for silent/unattended installations of windows via NLiteOS. some of our addons are available here. the advantage of silent/unattended addons is that they get installed during windows setup so that your system is protected the moment setup finishes and your desktop appears. i’d like to make an addon for CPF also. could one of the developers please guide me how to do it ? if you would not like the method/process to be made public, you can just PM it to me and it will continue to remain private. thanks


I make unattended xp dvd’s as well using nlite, bashrats driver packs,WPI, etc
A while ago BioHazard did an Autoit script for Comodo 2.0 and put it on MSFN here

I tried everthing in the VMware environment with the installer but couldn’t get an
unattended solution, the licence file is a problem as well, somehow you have to take the
script, use Nlite Addon Maker, then maybes use a comdo .reg file or the get
the licence file installed to C:\Program Files\Trustix\Common\Licenses\Personal Firewall
using Winrar or something. Good luck I’ll keep an eye on the post as I’m in the middle
of a new unattended

The Morpethian

i was actually thinking along the lines of unattended switches that are developer supported rather than force the issue using AutoIT. anyone ?