Silent mode with hot keys and via tray icon

A very basic and a neat feature of any classical HIPS is the ability to put it in Silent Mode( default deny all new applications which have no rules yet, no pop up alerts) via Tray icon &/ or hotkeys.

I wonder why this feature is absent in CFP. At the moment if I want to put CFP in silent mode, I have to open the main GUI, put a password and save it. Same steps to come back in normal mode. It,s totally useless for practical purposes.

With other HIPS, I put my HIPS in silent mode if some person is going to use my PC. I can do it just by two clicks on its tray icon or veven more easily by pressing a custom made hot key combination. The HIPS will then go into silent mode with no pop ups. Any new application wil not execute and system will remain clean. At the same time, its tray icon will change its color to show the user that HIPS is in Silent mode. I wonder why comodo can,t provide this simple user friendly option. It sure will not need any clever coding or a lot of coding work.

Sadly Comdo developers seem to concentrate less on usability issues.


Comodo is currently working on v4 which will have lots of usability changes. I don’t know of what kind. There may be a beta of v4 late December.



Currently i use this setup (allowing others to use my comp thru guest account):

…but it seems what you suggested is more convinient :-TU

All have problems.

  • Disconnecting the GUI is troublesomme as if u want to change anything, u don,t hav a tray icon for easy access.

  • Also on reboot the GUI is still there. U have to close it again. It,s impractical approach.

  • the method of doing it via password is more troublesome, and it,s not even working for me at the moment.

Only easy and good way is to have an option of going into silent mode via tray icon( two clicks) and via custom hot keys.

It,s a pitty that comodo users have to wait for version 4 just to get such a simple feature.


Silent mode is a very useful feature

Wish they can implement it before version 4.