Silent install switch for CIS 2012

A new installer comes with the newest version of Comodo Internet Security (with Personal Firewall as well) and the question is: is there any switch to run install silently? Unfortunately “/?” switch doesn’t provide any information.


Simple: No, As this could be used malicously.

Hope it helps

Is silent installation still unavailable?


unzip the CIS installer package and copy and .msi files.

run with /q option to install silently.

Although, this works, I could not figure out a way to supply current bases and required configuration file to the installer for silent installation.

SivaSuresh, thank you! I found this .msi files. But it supports only standard switches for msi package.

How can I install silently only anti-virus without firewall and Comodo dns?

We have been requesting this feature for a long time. All that I can say is that there is no way presently available.

I’ve found that the swithes in this post still works for 2013;msg381400#msg381400

the download for the files changed to the following for 32 bit
and for 64 bit

hope this helps.

ghostza, thank you very much! :-TU