Silent automatic updates

I installed Comodo Internet Security two weeks ago and get every few days update notifications from the tray icon. Isn’t it possible to execute the updates automatically and silent?
I would like to install Comodo also for my wife and my parents but getting nearly a daily update notification will be annoying.

Make sure Display Ballon Messages is disabled in two places.

First, right click on the tray icon and deselect it there if it is selected.

Next, go to Miscellaneous → Settings → General and deselect it there as well.

This will disable update message for the virus database. If there is a program update, you will still get notifications through a system tray icon. If you don’t want to see these either, in the same menu as listed above, deselect Automatically check for program updates.

Thanks for the fast answer. I use only firewall so far and I#M getting update notifications nearly every day. I think, switching the updates off wouldn’t be a good idea.
Is there any reason why program updates are not done automatically as well when setting the corresponding options? Is there no request for this so far?

Well, if you aren’t going to update, then why don’t you want to turn it off? ???

Because most users don’t like it when software automatically updates itself.

If you want to make a wishlist request, go ahead. :slight_smile:

I want to update but I don’t want to see this message every day. Furthermore, I recommended and installed Comodo also for some people I know and help with their system and they even don’t know how to handle these messages and if it is really safe to click it because you often hear about bad messages which you really, really don’t have to click :P0l

Me too in case of most other applications. An option would be fine :slight_smile:
While I thought about starting a request I also found a matching one here
Thanks so far!

Ah. If you are up to date, you shouldn’t be seeing this message every day. Actual program updates aren’t very frequent.

I guess you are right. I’m still getting update notifications but Comodo is up-to-date (Version 3.12.111745.560). Even when I check for updates manually, I get an information that updates are available but when I continue to execute the update process, the next screen shows ‘Preparing for installation’ and then I get an information that no updates are available. ???
I’m running Vista and I only use the Comodo firewall from the CIS suite. Is there any known issue which I might have missed when checking the forum?