Signing in issue

Hi all,

Currently using Comodo Unite x64 on Windows 7 x64 and have not been able to sign in for a good 24hrs now. It sits on the signing in dialogue for a few minutes then goes back to username and password box. I have confirmed by credentials are correct. However, I still cannot sign in.

FYI: I have added the exception in Windows firewall for the ‘EzVpnSvc.exe’ program, and ensured it is allowed in my routers firewall.

Any ideas?


I got disconnected Saturday afternoon and wasn’t able to log in until this morning. This is a great service when the servers are up and running :slight_smile:

??? Someone from COMODO, please explain what the hell is going on. How could one trust their products if the don’t even work properly. One our ComodoUnite is working the other is not. If you decide not to support and respectively fix the issues with your product then just stop the project! Do not lie your customers! Write in your site that ComodoUnite is defective software or add in the Q&A section how to resolve the connection problem. I have to mention that I’ve allowed all possible connections and it still doesn’t work.