signed extensions

My 1st post. Can I use “unsigned” extensions in the newest version of CID, or are they disabled like in the newer versions of Firefox? I use CoolPreviews a lot and would not want to lose it if I update.

1- Type about:config in the browser’s address bar and hit enter. This loads IceDragon’s main configuration page.
2- Confirm the warning prompt if it appears.
3- Search for the preference xpinstall.signatures.required
4- Double-click on it to toggle its value. When you set it to false, you disable the add-on signing requirement.

You are done.

Thanks for the quick response…I changed the xpinstall.signatures.required in Firefox in an earlier version. I don’t use Firefox anymore because their newer version does away with this option. I just wanted to be sure that CID kept this option in their newer versions.
Thanks again,

If Firefox removed from core, then it will be disappear from CID, too :wink: