Signed ActiveX ocx not working unless set the website as trusted?


We bought code signing certificate and and I installed it on my windows 2000 machine. I used signcode.exe to sign a ocx file without problem. When I access a webpage with this signed plugin, I saw the signature showed properly and the plugin was installed ok ( the ocx file was found in IE->tools->internet options->general->settings->view objects), but it’s not running. I have to add the website’s domain into IE->trusted sites, then after reload IE, the plugin start to work.

I used a verisgn code certificate ( it expired ) to sign a ocx before , and it’s not working like this. I checked some other activex plugins signed by other companies, they are working immediatly after installed, no need to put the domain into trusted sites.

Is there anybody can help me with this?



ok, I digged my old code and found the problem. I need to add some code for IObjectSafety.