signature update problem

About 2 weeks ago I started to get a message that there is an error updating signatures. It times out. I took my laptop to another location and it updates fine. This proved that it was nothing wrong with my machine and the comodo installation. Could an ISP be blocking comodo? I pinged and it works fine. This is a real mystery. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Can you update now that you’re home again or does the problem persist. Do you know anybody who is with the same provider and using CIS and whether he is also facing the same problem?

Hi Thanks for your reply. Apologies for the delay in responding. The problem persists. I can update virus signatures at home no problem but at my studio it will not update. I get an error message only on signature updates, all the other updates work fine ie. website database, recognizer, program. I have tried in both locations a few times and I get the same thing happening. I do not know anyone else at my studio who uses comodo.

Thanks for any solutions you can offer.

Are the studio and your home connection using different or the same providers?

They are different providers.

If the problem persists, are you willing to do a little home work when at the studio?

If so download wget from GNU Wget 1.21.3 for Windows . That is a network analysis tool. Download it and copy it to a folder. Putting it in the \windows\ system32 folder is convenient when running the following commands from the command prompt:
wget -S -O NUL

Could you send the above result with your public IP address by pm to EdGQ2 (network administrator). Tell him I asked you to send these results and point him to your topic.

exactly same thing - from one place I can update but from another - no