Signature update connect issue

Just installed CIS on a Win7 system. When it attempts to update the virus database, it gets to 2.5% then aborts with an error message of 80072efd - connection to server cannot be established.
The host portion of the update section shows the following link as the download site:
and it is active.
I can ping that address successfully. And I can search the web with Firefox while CIS is installed.
I’ve tried safe mode and training mode for the firewall section.
And I’ve restarted computer and done a uninstalled > reinstalled the software numerous times.
Also I’ve selected to both install with Comodo DNS enabled and also without Comodo DNS enables. No diff.

OK. NEVERMIND. The program called PrivateFirewall was running in the background.
I had disabled that firewall, or so I thought, but apparently it needed to be completely uninstalled, to stop it from interfering with CIS.