Signature Errors -Observation

I am hoping to move from another antivirus/ firewall checker to Comodo for two laptops. Hence I am trying out Comodo to see how it fairs. I installed on one laptop this morning with no trouble, but the second had Signature Errors and I see that this has occurred a lot for other users.

While using Comodo to fix the signature problem, by downloading the database several times, I had a net meter going. The first time I studied the net meter the data downloaded to about 40% of the database, then after several long pauses, Comodo said that it had finished and the signature database had errors. Similarly for the next try, I got as far as about 70%. Once again there were long pauses in data coming through and then it stopped downloading.

Finally I got the signature database down and installed, but this time the elapsed times when data did not flow were fairly short.

Hence I think that there may be a timer kicking in, which assumes that the connection has been lost and so disconnects the download. I do not believe that it is at my end, as I had nothing else running at the same time. Perhaps too many users are accessing the database at the same time?

Anyway, I thought that I would feed it back as an observation -which may be quite wrong, but then may be of help to others…


Edit: I forgot to mention: I am trying ‘Internet Security Pro 2013’ on XP SP3