Sign on new Head Quarter Building....

This is the Sign being installed yesterday.

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Nice, thx for sharing this with us :slight_smile:


so what was the sign of comodo before?

I think it’s a new HQ, so there was no sign before.

I saw this on Comodo’s Facebook account :-TU and it looks really really good (:CLP)

So whats your car Melih (the Lexus at the left)?
And I don’t see any parking space sign for CEO. :wink:

Nice building and very beautiful new Sign. Congratulations!

Nice sign :-TU :110:

:THNK w-e-v I think the red one is the one , its the Comodo color . People say only hackers are driving black cars :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope the sign is placed on the roof with all the security & have a firewall as well ;D

awesome congrats Melih :-TU

Where is this at?

Probably under cover around the back. :wink:

Looks good Melih. :-TU

Clifton NJ