to google accounts fail but only through Comodo Dragon

Attempts to sign in to google accounts are failing when trying through Comodo Dragon. No sign-in trouble through Firefox, just through C.D.

Circulating cursor in the title tab of browser, blank white window field. That is what happens when trying through C.D. As I say, I find no trouble signing in through Firefox.

----OH WAIT. After about 5 minutes of waiting, I am now signed in to one of the google accounts. Now, what if I click on GMail?
Okay, I am in.

So, now, my complaint may be changing. Signing in and /or seeing mail in Gmail is taking very, very, very long time to load and show. This is still not good. Normal or fast speed in Firefox, but extremely slow to the point of uselessness in Comodo Dragon.


Windows Vista, laptop computer Toshiba brand, Firefox 20, I.E. 9, Comodo Dragon v26.2, Norton Internet Security v20.

Hi string_game,
I have not got a Google account so I can’t try it, but the following setting can play up with login/sign-in with some sites so it might be worth a try.

Try with Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP referrer header) disabled.