Sign in before log on

EasyVPN starts with Windows. But I want it to sign me in before I log on, so that I can do Desktop Control to log on from the Welcome screen, or use the IP for FTP or Map Network Drive.

I made EasyVPN to sign me in at the welcome screen by adding EasyVPN.exe to gpedit.msc > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts (Startup/Shutdown) > Startup. But this method has side effects:

  1. Even after EasyVPN sign in at the welcome screen, I can’t configure the Desktop Control even after pressing the Configure button. The fact is, the UI of EasyVPN seems to be a little bit out of control in that situation.

  2. I can’t get access to the UI of EasyVPN any more after log on, the EasyVPN.exe process is still there though. I have to kill the process and restart EasyVPN to use it normally.

Any help? Thanks.


Hi Yexm:

     What you expected is a feature of coming next generation EasyVPN, called Unite. It will be avail soon in forum beta corner.  Please keep an eye on it.