Shutting Down windows

When I turn windows off it will not shut down until I disable commoda can anyone tell me what to do

Hopefully someone will post an better solution… 88)

But this should do it… probably… :-TU

Defence+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy…

Uncheck “Block all the unknown requests if the application is closed”… Image attached (you must login to see attachments)… EDIT:: If your problem is not resolved, feel free to bump the thread and you will get new answers.

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You could also download the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service from Micro$oft. It ensures that any third party service unloads properly at shutdown.

Just search the Micro$oft site for the words I put in bold.

I had some sticky service issues a little over a year ago, started using UPHClean and haven’t since then.

You can also pick it up this link: