Shutdown Problem

I’m running Comodo Free Firewall v8.2.0.4508 on an XP SP3 PC. All was working fine until a few days ago when I had a BSOD, and to recover from this I needed to start up the PC using Last Known Good Configuration. Since then I seem to have Comodo related issues whenever I shut down the PC. Namely, on shutdown I get an ‘End Program - Cis Tray’ dialogue followed by an ‘End Program - COMODO Firewall’ dialogue, both of which require me to click on the ‘End Now’ button before it will proceed.

If I set HIPS to ‘disabled’, the PC will shut down cleanly without either of those dialogues appearing.

Any ideas?


May be the configuration got corrupted due to the BSOD.

Try importing a clean factory default configuration and activate it. When importing give it an applicable name like CIS Proactive Configuration Clean to not overwrite the existing Proactive Configuration. The factory default configurations can be in the CIS installation folder.

Thanks, I gave that a try, and it did indeed then shut down cleanly. Unfortunately, on rebooting, I got the desktop with just the clock in the system tray. The mouse could be moved but nothing responded to mouse clicks, and I was unable to bring up task manager.

I used ‘Last Known Good Configuration’ to get it back up and running, but on boot I got a message saying Comodo had been unable to start and did I want to run a diagnostic tool. Answering ‘Yes’ gave me a BSOD and ‘No’ left me without a firewall. System Restore has got me back to my original state.

Any other suggestions?


I am glad system restore did the trick for you. That would have been another advice I could have given. I can’t think of another one to give right now.

OK, thanks. I guess that maybe leaves reinstalling, perhaps using the method detailed here:

Am I likely to encounter any problems if I go down this route? I’m trying to avoid ending up with an unbootable PC!



It’s a reliable way of uninstalling and cleaning up the CIS installation. If you want to go the extra mile you can run the clean up tool in safe mode.

Thanks, uninstalling via Control Panel seems to have successfully removed Comodo, though there do appear to still be some registry entries. I’m rather reluctant to use the clean up tool, as looking more closely I see it is only intended for CIS v3.X-5.4. so presumably it’s unsafe to use with v8.2.0.4508? Or is there an alternative?

Use the removal tool at the bottom of the article. That’s the most recent one.

Thanks, I’m still a little unclear exactly which one you mean, but given that everything currently seems to be stable perhaps it might be better if I leave things well alone.

It is the one that is attached to the article. The link is at the bottom of that post: [url=;topic=58620.0;attach=106136COMODO Removal Tool 2014 - Mods[/url].

OK thanks.